Grace Grudowski is an artist on her adventure to create and bring joy, positivity and quality design into your life. A ceramic trained artist, Grace, loves creating works of art through a wide range of materials to express and encourage happiness. Hand lettering and calligraphy is a meditative practice Grace constantly performs, and on any surface—whether it's written on her wheel-thrown ceramics or a card she is sending to a friend. Here's to more hand-crafted goods to share with family and new friends!



Whenever Grace is around good friends, there is a definite chance a new quote will be said. She is always jotting down the clever words of someone within earshot. With each quote Grace notes, it records a space in time where laughs were shared. Why not hand letter said quotes on mugs or other ceramic drinking vessels to enjoy time and time again? 

Grace absolutely loves to create wheel-thrown pieces with hand lettered quotes to entice laughter and joy.

p.s. the store is being re-stocked. Stay tuned.

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